Obedience > Sacrifice

“I write to you, dear children, so that you will not sin…”
See, the gates were locked to Heaven, but He came to let us in.
With power from the Father, Jesus overcame the grave,
To let us share in victory, to end our time as slaves.
His life on Earth was blameless. He never went astray.
He lived as our example. He came to show us the way.

The world would have you think that we cannot escape,
That sin is just a part of us, and we’ll always be this way,
That Jesus gave His life and made our sins His own,
And we can keep on sinning and sinning and sinning…
And still spend eternity with Him before His throne.
Our adversary whispers that God will understand
Why we do the things we do, even as we disobey His commands.

But I am here to tell you, that the Word does disagree.
You see, Jesus calls for obedience, that we are holy, as is He.
If we claim to have fellowship with Him, yet we walk in the dark,
We lie and do not know the truth. We do not know His heart.
So this is how we can discern that we are indeed in Him,
We must walk as Jesus walked. We must be free from sin.


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