my friend - Timeline Cover
the road twists and turns
as this journey continues onward tirelessly
into infinite tomorrows
which quickly become discarded yesterdays
in this moment i have stopped
to pause and take a rest here with you
certain of purpose and promise
because i can see them in your eyes as you smile
you have changed me
you hold the mirror that shows me who i am
and you love me in spite of me
requiring of me my best and accepting in me my worst
i wonder as we laugh together
if you have any idea
that this season has forever changed me
and that i will never recover from you

i will love you always

The Storm

there is calm
in the middle of your catastrophe
there is the steady strum of thunder
against the rage of rolling waves
in all your violence and fury
there is beauty and grace
and even as the cold wind blows
you are the rhythm in the rain
i am the ocean
you are the hurricane