A Call to Arms

We are drowning in a world that’s lost in itself.
We get stuck in this rut that is the daily grind until we’ve got nothing left
But energy drinks and pills to keep us running,
And still we’re always on empty,
Trying to coast on the fumes because we’re down to our last penny.
We keep striving and driving trying to catch that almighty dollar
All the while ignoring what the Almighty says He’s got to offer.
We abandon peace for possessions, sending us into faith recession
That ultimately only ends in confession, because we lack perfection.

Fast forward. We’re spinning our tires in the same old, same old.
Day in and day out. Going to school like we’re told.
Getting a job, like we’re told.
Buying all the pretty things like we’re told. Conforming…like we’re told.
One day we wake up and realize that we blend in,
That we’re replaying our days over and over and it’s a circle without an end.

We find ourselves asking…why am I here? What’s this life about?
This old routine
Is wasting our time. We’re not moving. We’re stuck.
We’ve lost sight of our dreams.
And then, as if by divine revelation
We remember a word once given to the congregation.
“I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD.
“They’re prosperous and filled with hope, so you can look forward
To a future of abundance if you’ll just answer my call.
I know you don’t have much to give, but give Me your all
And I’ll take it and twist it and turn it into wonders anew.
I’ll take your old life and burn it cause I love you.
You’re not who you once were. You’re My beloved. You’re Mine.
I bought you and cleaned you up and I made you divine.
So put on your crown, love. Rise up to your purpose.
I gave all I had cause to Me you were always worth it.”

With tears in our eyes, and our wonder renewed,
We wait for God to give us instructions for what we must do.
He hands us this armor and we ask what it’s for.
He says to suit up, cause we’re going to war,
And instantly fear grips our hearts and our souls.
Fight? But, God… I’m afraid! I don’t know
How to fight or what to do or what to say.
He says, “Don’t you fear. I’ll be right here every step of the way.
This war is not one you’ll fight in the flesh,
But in the spirit, and trust Me. My army’s the best.
It’s already been won, but our enemy’s hard headed.
He doesn’t yet realize he’s already been bested.
See it was over the moment I took all your sin.
And I overcame Hell. There was no way he’d ever win.
But until I come to pick you up and carry you home
I need you to fight so that your brothers and sisters will know
They’re not alone.
So every day before your feet hit the floor,
Put on all your armor, ready to fight as you walk out the door.
Carry My banner to the places you go.
Wear My love in your heart so that everyone you meet will know
Who I am and what I’m about so that they can come home too.
When I conquered the grave it wasn’t only for you
But for every single person who’d call out My name
And ask Me to take all their suffering and their shame.
But how will they make it home if they never hear
The word I’ve put on your lips to take to their ears?
Suit up, soldier. Take your rightful place
Among the heavenly armies and the angelic ranks.
I will give you all that you need in My Word.
Sharpen it daily, for it is your sword.”

Brothers and sisters, we are called to a purpose.
We are destined for glory, even though we don’t deserve it.
God’s grace covered us in our darkest of times
So that we could carry His love to the hopeless and the blind.
So put on your armor and take up your cross.
We have to get out there and start reclaiming the lost.

This isn’t the end. It’s the beginning of our story.
Forever we’ll praise Him. To God be all glory.