The Wall

broken-heartBrick by brick, she built a wall
She made it thick and laid it tall
Inside she knew her heart would safely stay
Until a hero came along
And proved to her that he was strong
By tearing all of her brick wall away

One timely day, in came a knight
Armor clad on a horse of white
With battle scars that proved he knew of war
He stole a kiss and she was charmed
And in a breath she was disarmed
Unlike she’d ever found herself before

He told her tales of time long passed
And she considered that at last
She may have found her hero in this man
She let the wall come tumbling down
And as the bricks fell to the ground
She fell into his spell, as was his plan

He told her that he’d never leave
And that to her alone he’d cleave
That he was not like those she’d known before
She sighed and swooned and fell in love
So sure he was sent from above
More than she could ever ask God for

And when she’d given him her heart
And sworn that they would never part
He laughed unto himself and hissed her name
He told her of the other ones
Whom he had fixed his lusts upon
And she, the fool, knew that she was to blame

She knew full well her walls were meant
To keep her heart from every dent
But like a silly girl, she’d let them fall
She felt embarrassed and betrayed
Her spirit crushed, her mind dismayed
Hurt that she had ever loved at all


when you hold me


you make my soul fly
i close my eyes
and i am in your arms
where i know i am safe
i breathe you in
and it’s as if
i have never known anyone but you
i hear the steady rhythm of your heart
and know that you are real
more real than anything else
all that once mattered falls away
in this moment
as you press your lips to the crown of my head
and i cannot imagine
a greater peace
than being where you are

My Beloved is Mine

I’ve been on a bender
My thoughts of you in hiding
Not feeling, just moving
Placated by the world around me
Numb, so numb

I inhale in silence
My lungs are filled
I hear the ticking of the clock
It’s so loud in my ears
I want the sound to stop

I exhale in anger
Frustration sweeps over me
All I want is to hear your voice
I know you’re there
I know you’re watching

The daily distractions fight for my attention
I succumb all too often
Absorbed by falsehoods and fairy tales
Made up to make me smile
And keep me occupied

The perfect design
Forged by an enemy
Who would go to any length necessary
To keep me away from you
I suppose sometimes he wins

The ticking clock is a reminder
Time is running out
One day, soon maybe
It will stop completely
Time will stand still, or end

The thought is jarring
My mind races to make sense of consequence
I am all to aware
I have become a zombie
Like all the others

I blend in
I should stand out
You made me to be different
You told me so
This is not what you want for me

The panic seeps in
This startling realization
Of what it means to be without you
The concept immediately hurts
And my soul is grieved

I cry out your name
Begging you to pick me up again
Needing your arms around me
Holding me, rescuing me
I weep

I know that I am complete need
Desire for you burns me inside
I crave your attention desperately
Only you can quench the thirst
This is how you want me

I know you are pleased at this
Still I want more of you
I want to know you
The number of hairs on your head
The way you smell

I hunger to know your every detail
Still I think I ask too much
Though you answer my cries
I am overwhelmed at how my need only grows
With every encounter

My heart echoes your promises
Reminders of your love for me
I close my eyes and see
You are before me, arms open
Calling me to yourself

I come to you
Your embrace is home
Never have I felt more alive
You have waited for this moment
I am completely sated

I realize as I am held
You have drawn me in yet again
That love of yours is incomparable
It is potent and magnetic
My heart whispers your name

Lost is the knowledge of anything but you
Gone are my fears and doubts
The frustration has subsided
The anger has faded away
Now, there is love

There is grace in your touch
Mercy in your arms
Hope in your smile
Peace in the way you nuzzle me to your chest
You are perfect

I want to be worthy of you
This will never happen
Still you love me
In this moment
I am overcome

Emotion pulls me
Baring my soul to you
Frightens me more than anything
But you are gentle as you hold me
I hear your breathing

Your heartbeat rings in my ears
Our hands entertwine
I watch your mouth turn into a smile
You kiss my forehead
Your hold on me tightens

This moment will last forever
You and I will never end
You have promised me so
My heart is full
My cup runneth over

As we stand still
Surrounded by peace
I have but one thought
I am my beloved’s
My beloved is mine