the quiet
is so tangible
so thick and daunting
that the slightest sound
seems piercing and offensive
making me jump

you aren’t here
and i’m still waiting
for you to come
and make it all okay
but yet again
that day is not today

so i curl up
under the covers
in the middle of the afternoon
and i sleep
to turn off my mind
and hide from tears

but i cannot run
fear follows
reminding me even in dreams
that you have not come
it whispers to me
that i am still without

as i wake i remember
the promise of you
spoken from the lips
of the One who loves me most
and i cling to it
in this moment

i await your presence
the time when you find me
and i see fire begin to grow
deep in your eyes
i wait for your intentions
to be made known

i hold my heart
as i consider to myself
how you will pursue me
and how you will lead me
but patience grows tired
and hope hangs by a thread

in this moment
my spirit feels broken
uncertain and in need
waiting for love
attended by only my thoughts
and silence


I Have Found the One My Soul Loves


Today I will look for You,
and I will find You
in every mundane thing I see.
I will seek out Your voice
when all I hear
is the thrum of the air conditioner
and the whirring of paper,
fresh from the printer.
I will still wait to hear
that still small voice,
“I love you,”
and it will be the loudest thing
I have ever heard.
My heart will take flight,
and I will find You
in every smile on every face,
in every graceful blink,
in every trembling tree,
in the colors of the skyline.
I will see You there
because You have spoken to me
and my eyes are open to You.