The Wall

broken-heartBrick by brick, she built a wall
She made it thick and laid it tall
Inside she knew her heart would safely stay
Until a hero came along
And proved to her that he was strong
By tearing all of her brick wall away

One timely day, in came a knight
Armor clad on a horse of white
With battle scars that proved he knew of war
He stole a kiss and she was charmed
And in a breath she was disarmed
Unlike she’d ever found herself before

He told her tales of time long passed
And she considered that at last
She may have found her hero in this man
She let the wall come tumbling down
And as the bricks fell to the ground
She fell into his spell, as was his plan

He told her that he’d never leave
And that to her alone he’d cleave
That he was not like those she’d known before
She sighed and swooned and fell in love
So sure he was sent from above
More than she could ever ask God for

And when she’d given him her heart
And sworn that they would never part
He laughed unto himself and hissed her name
He told her of the other ones
Whom he had fixed his lusts upon
And she, the fool, knew that she was to blame

She knew full well her walls were meant
To keep her heart from every dent
But like a silly girl, she’d let them fall
She felt embarrassed and betrayed
Her spirit crushed, her mind dismayed
Hurt that she had ever loved at all


where are you

the sun has disappeared behind the dirt
but the moon hides her face tonight
my house is in order
another quiet ending
to another noisy day
there’s no need to sit at the table
with dinner prepared for only one
an evening without conversation
no playful banter echoes off these walls
i open a book and put on music
the angst-driven voice soothing me
singing, “where are you?”
and i am saddened
because my heart understands the lyric
as i sip my tea and stare
at random dark spots on the carpet
i can’t help but wonder
if you’ve forgotten your mission
to find me
did you get lost along the way
or perhaps stop to visit
the castle of another queen
or are you simply taking your time
savoring your freedom
drawing out this torture
unconcerned with how i need you
more than i ever have before