She was wild, not like some crazy thing, but fierce and focused and savage, like a lioness hunting in her natural habitat. Her eyes were ferocious, filled with fire reflecting a strength only obtained by rebuilding one’s self from brokenness. She was beauty and destruction in the same moment.

She Wanders Like the River Blue


I’ve got a gypsy soul.
This nomad is gonna go
Where the river flows.
I’m a vagabond on a mission
To leave behind the pain
And all my yesterdays.
Breathing in the moment
Cause I might not get another,
And I don’t wanna miss out
On every ray of sunshine
On my shoulders
Or blade of bluegrass
Under my bare feet.
No, I can’t stay
Cause I wasn’t made
For growing roots.
I hope you know that
I’ll be loving you
Even as I leave.